Joe’s Comments about Pat

Although there has been many great comments about various topics on this blog this is the first time that I wanted to use one of them as a topic itself. I think this is a great one. Joe comments on the topic awhile ago from Pat Buchanan. A few of you had some things to say about that one. I really don’t know how to title this one , so I’m making it simple, “Joe’s Comments about Pat”.

I ask that if you have a comment to be respectable, I believe everyone should have an opportunity to express themselves. Especially on issues of race. You don’t have to be Black to make a valid argument regarding black people. And Black people, like myself should not be so quick to lash out when someone makes a valid argument. You have to look at the spirit they are making it in before commenting, including “Pat Buchanan”. Respectfully disagree and offer your reasons why. Just be fair about it. I often strongly disagree with most of the things the GOP does, but I do understand and on rare occasions agree with what they’re trying to accomplish.

I appreciate your response Joe, thanks.


Joe Slotnick — It is always dangerous to wade into a controversy like this one so late in the game, particularly when you disagree on so many points with so many of the participants. But here I go. I am white. That’s a point against me right there in this crowd I know but I ask that you listen and respond thoughtfully – that is don’t just decide I’m wrong because I’m white. Also I do not defend Buchanan’s offensive claims about America having been good to blacks. It is no myth that black people faced state and mob terrorism up until recently, more so for anybody who bucked the status quo. It is just plain history. However, Buchanan has some valid points when he talks about black crime and the response of other communities (not just whites) to it.

Myself, I grew up in a black ghetto, we were the last white family on my street. I personally watched how the environment changed as the neighborhood went from lower middle class whites – not particularly law abiding themselves – to poor blacks. Crime skyrocketed, especially violent crime. Whites were particularly valued targets, and I do speak from experience. I’ve often been told by black people that this wasn’t racist violence it was just violence, something black people themselves must endure as well from other blacks. Just a part of ghetto life. But that is cold comfort and frankly bullshit. Nothing like being attacked on a daily basis by people calling you honkey, cracker, peckerwood etc. to reveal the hollowness of that claim. Also I’ve lived in poor communities in Central America and Europe where there is just nowhere near the violence you see in black America – even though those communities were actually poorer than Liberty City or the east side of Detroit. Poverty may be a factor in how violent a community is but it is not a determining one. Something else is going on. I believe it is a community’s willingness to acquiesce to violent behavior or even encourage it. I can tell you times I witnessed parents goading their children to fight others over asinine things, like being “fronted” or “dissed.” I’ve heard the idiotic – you gotta be strong to survive. I was strong and I did survive but I never fought unless I really had to – which was often enough, believe me. This kind of behavior is trashy and stupid and everybody knows that. Whites who engage in it are viewed with contempt by all – blacks and whites alike.

But let me get to my main point. There actually are statistics in cross-racial crime and violence. The FBI keeps them. And here you’ll find a story in the Chicago Tribune from last year that quotes some.,0,7700301.story
I direct your attention to the last section subtitled “What the statistics say.” In 2005 there were more than 600,000 cross racial acts of violence, 90 percent of which were cases in which the attacker was black and the victim was white. Although they may conceal a lot – such as what exactly was going on in all these cases (blacks routinely hypothesize that whites bring it on themselves by behaving in ways that are unacceptable or racist), the numbers don’t lie. What they say is that the chances that a white person will face violent or criminal threats from a black person are greater than the chance a black person will face such a threat from a white person. I believe this one of the factors that make whites leave communities where blacks have made inroads. It is also one of the factors that convince Asians to avoid black communities.

I don’t want to paint too grim a picture. I have many wonderful memories of my youth (and obviously many not so wonderful ones). But given my experience I would never let my child attend a school that had a high percentage of black children. I don’t particularly care if that makes me seem racist to some people. Until the black community recognizes the effects on others of its disproportionate criminal, violent and disruptive behavior, people like me will just go elsewhere.