Being in the military isn’t a qualification to become president

Being in the military isn’t a qualification to become president. I honor those who presently and previously served in the military during war and peace. Members of my family and good friends serve in the military. Our freedom has been defended and won both abroad and at home by patriotic Americans in and out of uniform.

I’m no less or more patriotic than you. This is why I disagree with Joe Lieberman, John McCain, George W. Bush and anyone who says I’m not by attacking and/or questioning my objections to this war in Iraq.

Currently we have a President who (on paper) was in the military, look at where we are now. During 2004 we had another war hero by the name of John Kerry who served honorably and we know how he was attacked for being in the military. We heard conservatives and Republicans essentially use the reverse of the argument they’re using against Barack Obama now. That’s why I say being in the military isn’t a qualification to become president.

To listen to a Fake Democrat/Wannabe Republican like Joe Lieberman do his impression of Charlie Black, Washington Lobbyist, Top Advisor & Friend of John McCain’s version of “another terror attack would help the McCain campaign”.

Turncoat Joe’s comments about Barack was another example of Republican-Style Scare Tactics. This is what Joe said, “Our enemies will test the new president early. Remember that the truck bombing of the World Trade Center happened in the first year of the Clinton administration. 9/11 happened in the first year of the Bush administration.”

Joe continued to tow the Republican line with this one by assailed Obama and fellow Senators who called for a timetable of withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and opposed the “surge” of additional U.S. forces pushed forth by President Bush.

Perhaps John McCain & his GOP friends should get Joe some knee pads.

General Wesley Clark was on CBS “Face The Nation” this past Sunday with his analysis of the military attacks on Obama. (Video)

We’ve already endured one “kitchen sink” strategy during the primaries, now we’re seeing it again from the Republicans. I knew the character attacks were coming, I forgot which chapter of the GOP Campaign Handbook that’s in, but bring it on.

Fair game right?