Hillary Disapproves of Your Message

I’m defending Hillary on this one, because I seriously doubt that she would approve of your website. I believe she has mentioned it publicly herself.

Although I’m not shocked by the tactics the McCain campaign will go in order to gain political points, I am disappointed in the individuals who “claim to be Clinton supporters” engaged in the activities usually reserved for the radical right.

When questioned by Peter Hamby of CNN, a spokesman for McCain said that they will stop advertising on several websites that continue to vilify and fuel whisper campaigns about Barack Obama as being unpatriotic. One lunatic even compared Barack to Hitler.


We all know that John McCain is trying to play on the bad feelings some Hillary supporters continue to hold against Barack. A candidate who is closely aligned with Hillary on the majority of issues.

Stop-Obama.org is a blog written by bitter Clinton supporters. Until yesterday they had an ad for McCain on their site. This is the sites that recently post a blog titled “simple parallels” comparing Obama to Hitler.

I’m sure Bill & Hillary would strongly disapprove of this. Plus it shows the level of rational hate will go to be seen.

McCain ads have appeared on pro-Clinton sites like “Obama WTF” that actually accuses Obama of having communist “influences”, “courting Jew haters” and being in the pocket of “America haters.”

Now remind me what year is it again.

I’m sure Bill & Hillary would strongly disapprove of this site. Again, it demonstrates the depths of hate.

Another place where McCain ads have appeared was on savagepolitics.com, yet another site that continues the stupidity. They actually said that Obama was a racist.

Please! Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black?

Now I’ll take McCain at his word when they say they have no control over where their ads show up on the web and believe that they would make every attempt to blog their ads from popping up on various hate group or porn sites. That would be very damaging to have that splashed all over the news.

I ask the real supporters of Hillary Clinton who disapprove of these types of activities in the name of Hillary to condemn these people and point out the similarities of Hillary & Barack and the stark differences between Obama & McCain.

*I refused to enable a link to these sites because I have promoted it more than it deserves just by mentioning it within this blog. You can read the inspiration for this entry by clicking here.


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  1. Obama did exactly what Frederick Douglas did to the Women’s movement, he put women in the back seat once again. Although I will not be voting for McCain- to do so would be in violation of everything I stand for- I shall not cast another vote for another man so long as I shall live.

    I am tired of men ruining/running my country!

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