Notes from the Pump

Drivers Log: 070108

I drive a 2006 Toyota Camry, because it’s was the most fuel efficient vehicle that I could afford at the time that met my needs.

So when my tank got a little past ¾ of a tank I thought I top off the tank before the price got even higher this weekend (U.S. 4th of July). You know that gas prices are out of control when you pay $31.30 for a quarter (25% or 1/4) tank of gas. Thirty-One U.S. Dollars for a Quarter of a tank of unleaded gasoline.

I don’t take my toddler son to the gas station now because I’m afraid that I may have to offer him up to pay of the gas (something I’ll never do). When I added up how much I paid for gasoline in June it was more than my cable bill, for two months.

I’m not sure if I should place blame on the oil guys in Texas or the one from Texas, but I will keep that in mind when I go to the voting booth Tuesday, November 4th.