For We Campaign by Faith and Not By Fright

A few weeks ago Barack Obama had a meeting with approximately 30 Evangelical Christian leaders. In efforts to gain their support and those who are influenced by them.

Side Note: I think the title of Christian is descriptive enough. Why add to it? You’re either a Christian or you’re not. Using a prefix such as Evangelical, Pentecostal, Black or White to Christian is unnecessary. There is only one Heaven and one Hell. I’m not going to the Black Heaven or the Pentecostal Hell. I’m spending eternity in either Heaven or Hell. I’m making my reservations for Heaven. One Christian isn’t better or worse than another. But that’s just my thoughts.

Sorry about the tangent, but that phrase just bothers me. Perhaps this will be the subject and inspiration of an upcoming blog, but back to the matter at hand.

During this meeting the Obama camp forbid these 30 Christian Leaders from talking about the meeting to the press, but I’m here to inform you with close personal experience that ministers are just regular people just like you and me. You knew someone was going to say something.

News about the meeting reported that the leaders were impressed with his sincerity and knowledge of the Bible. You see you can’t believe the Whisper Campaigns claiming various ridiculous falsehoods about Barack. I believe we would categorize that as “campaigning by fright”. (Yes, I’m playing on the scripture found in 2nd Corinthians 5:7, but I’m not going far with it. Just walk with me for a minute.)

Although he may have impressed some there he didn’t satisfy the hostility that some of the Conservative White Evangelicals have towards his liberal positions on social issues.

Now didn’t Jesus have some position on social issues that conservatives today would consider liberal? I never found anywhere in the Bible where he endorse a politician.

When Rev. Franklin Graham confronted Sen. Obama about the allegations largely supported by (I won’t say it) individuals who participate in Whisper Campaigns of his religious background. I guess the answer Obama gave for the 100th time of, “Jesus is the only way for me. I’m not in a position to judge other people” wasn’t good enough for Mr. Graham.

Some of the ministers in attendance have said that their fellow clergyman’s line of questioning was inappropriate. I think it is typical, but I have my own opinions about Graham’s obvious hostilities towards Muslims. I’m not going to question his approach to converting or persuading non-Christians to Christ.

Now what is surprising to me is the position of noted Right-Wing, Bush Favorite, Pentecostal, single-issue voter, Publisher, close friend of John Hagee and typical Republican Stephen Strang. He said that it was refreshing Obama was reaching out to evangelicals. He’s still going to tow the Republican Party line, but at least he had something nice to say.

Besides the anticipated stances of some ministered who label themselves as an evangelical in addition to Christian there were some who has previously supported George W. Bush who broke from his party to endorse Senator Obama and his efforts. Kirbyjon Caldwell is quoted to compliment Obama for his “Character, Confidence and Courage”. This is a former vocal supporter of George W. Bush.

The meeting demonstrates Barack is open to receiving diverse views regarding religion, even those who may not support him. I haven’t yet to see John McCain or even a representative at any large, medium or small predominately Black or Brown churches. Perhaps McCain would prefer the Sunday service at your local First Baptist over the local Church of God in Christ.

I hold nothing against these churches, just using common church names as a reference.

I’m happy to hear about candidates religious beliefs, but it does not mean that they will make a better or worse President than someone whose beliefs are different than my own. One party doesn’t have a lock on faith.

Source of Inspiration:

The Nation – Max Blumenthal “Preaching to the Choir” 07/01/08