McCain on I.Q. & Technology

No wonder McCain can’t work a computer…he’s dumb like Bush.

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And this is who you want to lead this country, a man who must depend on his wife and others to tell him what’s going on or how to send an email. Perhaps his wife, great-grandson or in-home nurse should be running for President instead of him.

Being computer illiterate is nothing to brag about, especially in the digital age we’re in now. Why do you even have a website? Why not be true to yourself and pick up your rotary dial phone and ask the operator to connect you to your base.


One thought on “McCain on I.Q. & Technology

  1. How about you do a little of the research that you are always harping about and check into the reasoning behind McCain’s lack of computer skills. He has multiple injuries from his days spent as a p.o.w. in service for the freedom you and I enjoy that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for him to use the keyboard. If you want oppsers to be less criticle of your chosen candidate and research him further, maybe you should practice what your preaching, my friend.

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