The Republican Song

I’m actually not too surprised with this one, but you would think that they would know better. Mike Meehan wrote a song titled “Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat“. On his site he claims to be a man of God and like millions of others, love this country.

In efforts for this Republican to get his message out he has a billboard in Orange County, FL with a picture of the World Trade Center as the first tower was beginning to fall. He simply puts the title of his song, “Please Don’t Vote for a Democrat”.

It shows how far desperate and ignorance will go to be seen and heard.

My question is the same that Anderson Cooper had along with so many others. “Why use the image of the burning World Trade Center for this message”. The Democrats didn’t cause this, or the Republicans.

When interviewed, Mike Meeham said that he was only trying to help the Republicans.


I don’t think this is really helping. Of course it will get the extremist vote, but to McCain’s credit I don’t believe you have an extremist candidate this time. I must say thanks for helping to remind everyone of a tragic event. I’m sure everyone appreciates the reminder of why they should vote for a Democrat.

George W. Bush had a great opportunity to do the right thing, but what did he do. Well you don’t need me to remind you; you can just look at the situation that we’re in now to get your answer.

I’m not going to waste any more of my time on him. The only song I want to hear will come on January 20, 2009 when I hear the band play, “Hail To The Chief” after Barack Obama is sworn in as President.

I only ask you to email Mike Meehan the reason why you’re not voting for a Republican.

Perhaps someone can make an answer record to this song. Why not have an old school Hip Hop styled beef. (Someone call Dr. Dre, where’s LL).


3 thoughts on “The Republican Song

  1. While I am an ATHEIST and hate the Religous BS a lot of Republicans put out.

    The FACTS are CHILDREN, ODUMA denies the facts about Iraq, he LIES abbout Iraq, the refuses to admit he is WRONG when he is PROVEN WRONG and his election would be the worst thing which has happend to the United Statres in my 73 years of life!

    So GOOD on this guy from Florida!

    Neil C. Reinhardt

  2. Note that Mr. “Reinhardt” (an alias of Mr. Meehan?) spammed me with the exact same comment as above. I already replied to him.

    McCain once had my respect. I voted for him in the 2000 Republican primary. But his pandering during his current run for office just completely turned me off, and more important, I think it’s time to send a message to the Republicans that what they’re currently doing just is not working. If they have to sit out of power for four years, maybe they’ll quit being a$$es and figure out that we’re *all* Americans, even the ones who maybe don’t believe some of the same things they believe. All this hate and divisiveness, all this name-calling and mud-slinging, it just ain’t getting the right thing done for America.

  3. In response to that first comment, I find it hard to believe that a liberal Democrat who has inspired young people to vote and seeks to end a costly war, restructure the way in which our economy depends on a dwindling oil supply, and make education and health care more affordable is the absolute worst thing to happen to this country in the last 73 years.

    To Tim: I really like your blog. You have a lot of humorous and thoughtful things to say. Can I interest you in checking out mine?

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