Politics In Color

Politics In Color

Here’s a very interesting website that I just found that you may find informative regardless of your shade.

So what is Politics In Color about?

Politics In Color is a broadband video network and internet portal that focuses on the political issues affecting this nation’s racial and ethnic groups – Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arab Americans and Native Americans. It’s an interactive website that offers multicultural, multimedia coverage of political issues starting with the 2008 presidential, congressional and senate campaigns, but then will continue to fuel the conversation long after the last ballots have been cast. It’s a dynamic collection of diverse points of view from all sides of the political spectrum that creates an engaging, informative and provocative forum for discussion.

Politics In Color offers a different perspective that you rarely find on other political or news oriented websites. You will find originally produced news, interview and discussion style video programs. In addition to current and intriguing news, feature stories and commentary.

Regardless of your race, Politics In Color has something for you. It’s a place for individuals who want to learn about the issues that most affect the lives of society from a multicultural perspective. If you’re like me and have a curious mind or enjoy discussing issues beyond Black and White and address the concerns of Hispanics, Asians, Arab Americans and Native Americans and want to participate in a vocal, vibrant global community that is engaged in on-going conversation about politics, news and current events this is a goldmine.

I am not getting any compensation for promoting this website or receiving anything from anyone connected to this organization. I simply stumbled upon it a few days ago and found it to be very informative. The topics I primarily blog about tend to be inline with similar topics you’ll find on politicsincolor.com. It is my opinion that it’s better to promote or how I like to say, give a shot-out to a site I endorse and believe would benefit you.