McCain Blames High Gas Prices on Obama

Come On Now John. How can you possible blame higher gas prices on Barack? Do you really want to go there? Maybe you should blame the two oil guys that you’re taking your orders from. You know the guys that you’re trying to distance yourself from, George & Dick.

I guess in his efforts to tell everyone, “Hey Look at Me!” John McCain made a statement that I don’t even think FOX News can honestly stand by. Well, second thought FOX News stands by George & Dick they’ll stand for anything.

John McCain released an absolutely ridiculous ad flatly blaming the Illinois senator for higher gasoline prices. (Link)

For Real Dude!

You’re telling me Barack Obama is the blame for me paying $4.00 a gallon to fill up my car.

(Whispering a Jesse Jackson like comment to the guy beside me.)

What color is the sky in your world?

Did Cindy forget to give you your meds today?

What’s the next commercial going to be, blaming Barack for the failure of IndyMac Bank. Perhaps Obama is the blame for the Lakers losing the championship. I’m sure Phil Jackson is saying, “…only if Barack passed the ball to Kobe”.

OK, let me take a moment and try to understand how you can honestly make this claim with a straight face. I bet you have some swamp land in Florida that you can sell me too.

John also said, “When you win wars, troops come home, He’s been completely wrong on the issue. … I have been steadfast in my position.” – John McCain

Takes Alex, I’ll take Vietnam for $200.

Note to McCain Campaign: It’s not only the majority of the American people believe that the war in Iraq was ill conceived, but judging by what Iraqi Prime Minister has said, the Iraqi people think so too. (Link)

I see you’re exploring the use of the “Kitchen Sink” Strategy. Note to McCain Campaign: Hillary already tried this, it doesn’t work.

Let me be halfway serious for a minute on this one. You made this commercial as an attempt to get some support for your Offshore Drilling scheme. Isn’t this a gamble? It takes at least 10 years to even begin the process. By that time Hillary or John Edwards will be in the White House.

Your own friends disagree with you on this one. In arguing for an end to the offshore moratorium and for drilling in the Alaska preserve, President Bush himself has said that these steps “will take years to have their full impact” on energy costs.

Good Try, but Wrong Answer.

(Video will come later)