Fined for using the “N-Word”

I understand where the person is coming from and agree with them, but how far will this go.

This opens up an array of questions. If we are going to charge people from using the N-Word in its original intended context then what other words can we attach a fine to and who collects the money.

§ How would that money be used?

§ Who gets the use it?

§ Who will enforce it?

§ Who will trend the data of those fined?

§ What about if the word is recorded?

I agree that this word and so many other words can be hurtful. The times that I’ve been called a Nigga or Nigger, (depending on the person saying it) resist getting upset. Use it as a teachable moment. When someone uses this word or other derogatory words in its intended context and even out of context you should calmly explain to them how and when the use of the word exposes their ignorance on race and socially appropriate language.

You don’t go into a church, synagogue, temple or masque using profane language, unless you are trying to get swiftly escorted out the door.

Most people who enjoy freedom wouldn’t insult the judge in a courtroom making a judgment on your case.

Perhaps this is the way to Universal Reparations in America. Let’s fine anyone who uses the “N-Word”. That means we would have to fine quite a few rappers, politicians, White kids from the suburbs, Black kids in the inner-city, anyone living in rural areas, employers, your neighbor who whispers it under his voice as he puts a fake smile on his face waving at you as your drive by, the real estate consultant that assumes you don’t make enough to afford the house you’re currently in now, the guy at the store, etc, etc, etc. I can keep on going, but the point is that it’s going to be very difficult to introduce into legislation, implement it into law, enforce the law and then collect the fees. I didn’t mention the debt collectors. I can come up with a plethora of unsavory phrases that describes my feelings towards them, but you would need them to collect the fees from people who refuse to pay the fine.

I’m being silly and sarcastic with this, because I don’t think it’s able to be collected upon. The economic repercussions Michael Richards (Kramer) endured for this rant would probably calculate to a greater total than just paying $50 per use of the word. The same will be for Jesse Jackson.

Now for anyone reading this that believes I’m taking up for Jesse Jackson on this case should review two previous entries I made this month before submitting a crazy comment.

Now I guess I should be fined for the use of the word in the post. (Sigh) Alright, who do I make the check out to?



First Coast News “Jackson urged to pay fine for using N-Word” 07/21/08


One thought on “Fined for using the “N-Word”

  1. The N word, is, just a word. If someone calls you Shit, it does not make you shit, or any thing else. But there should not be a double standard for Afro Americans. I’m offended when I’m called whitey, cracker, hunky. But no one wants to create fines or make laws for that. Why,? its just words. There are other things I would rather not be called, that I feel are worse than the N word. I guess some people just don’t have anything to do in life except sit around thinking of ways to dramatize the N word. Black people say it all the time. They say it to each other, to their children, on T.V. and in movies. Its all fine and dandy then, so lets not gag a knat and swallow a camel.

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