Ich bin ein Berliner! 2008

“All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and, therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words. Ich bin ein Berliner.” These words were rendered on June 26, 1963 by President John F. Kennedy.

Today we must work together in our efforts to tear down this wall of hate towards new ideas, tear down the wall of fear in American politics, tear down the wall of racial politics, and tear down this wall of negative perceptions of America in the world.

This campaign is not about Barack Obama the man, but it’s about what and who the man represents. Hope.

He would not be here if it wasn’t for hope and the ambition of countless individuals who said to the purveyors of the status quo, “Open This Gate”. Open this gate of freedom is essentially what President Abraham Lincoln said in 1862 with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Open this gate of opportunity as Frederick Douglass essentially was saying by the example of his life. Open the gates of justice and equality to all as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. essentially said to them. Essentially we’re telling the American people who sides with John McCain to end their quest for the status quo and the continuation of America’s depression and embrace of the schizophrenic policies of the Bush Administration. It’s time to open the gate.

Tuesday, November 4th we will have that opportunity to open these gates. We will have the opportunity to open these gates and to be apart of a movement towards a new day.

This will not be easy and the battle has yet to be won.

Just like that wall that was erected in Berlin in 1952, America has erected a psychological wall. This wall is made not of stone, but of a resistance to change. Change seems to be a foreign policy to those who has followed and embrace polices of the Bush Administration such as John McCain. The policies that has lead America down a path to a failing economy, record breaking levels of home foreclosures and raising fuel prices to name a few.

Just as Ronald Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate demanding Mr. Gorbachev, “Open This Gate”. Come Tuesday, November 4th Americans of goodwill and who knows that we must fix what George W. Bush has destroyed will have the opportunity to do as Germany did in October 1990, reunite America back to its place in the world, the beacon of democracy.

We must because the world is watching.


Now I’m just a regular Black guy in America. Regular not in the sense of how Black men are portrayed in the media, but just a regular voter. I love my country in light of her sins, because I my vision and impression of her is keen enough to see beneath the rough exterior of her surface. I only want the best for the country and we can’t afford to miss the mark again. This is why I am passionate about the judgment and leadership of Barack Obama. We will not always agree on every issue, but I believe he is more than capable to bring back that shine that America once gleamed in the eyes of the world.


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