John, Stop Acting Like a…

As the McCain Campaign, The White House and Republicans was praying for Barack to slip while oversees they quickly realize that it was going very well. So what do they do? Complain like a… Quit acting like a child in timeout. You point the finger at anyone to blame. You’ve blamed Barack for High Gas prices, which is absurd. You’ve accused Barack of sedition. You’ve made another juvenile remark by giving me a “left behind to report in America” press badge. You’ve made sarcastic comments that you rather be talking to the German people as president and not a candidate. Well John how you’ve been acting this week that is not going to happen. What the Hell is your probably? You need to stop listening to the people who claim to be your friends. If you don’t know who I’m talking about let me spell it out for you.

§ The little fat kid on the radio named Rush is not helping you at all.

§ The other bad ass kid named Karl is just going to get you in more trouble.

§ And don’t let me get started on your newest buddy, George. If he told you to jump off a bridge I bet you’ll do it.

Listen John, I’m trying to give you some friendly advice. Your antics this week and the people who say that they’re your friends are not. You use to be Mr. Independent, where is he now?

Some of these guys are only trying to get something, not because they really support you. Watch yourself.

You got to stop acting like a little kid, because your associations, antics and outright absurdities are going to send you to your room, not the White House.