Happy Birthday

You’re not going to believe who I got this idea from, but it just fell inline with something that I said I was going to do this year and have done years ago.

As I was listening to “Tell Me More” on NPR Monday, July 21, 2008 I heard this idea of making a Love List from Richard Simmons. It’s a different type of Bucket List or Resolutions.

This is my personal agenda (A Love List) on my 36th year of life that I want to share with anyone who may care.

  1. Write a random letter of my love or appreciation to someone that wouldn’t expect it.
  2. Don’t accept any gifts on your birthday or special occasion, but give someone a gift.
  3. Take a moment to give someone a compliment.
  4. Evaluate your failures and accomplishments over the past year and renew your efforts and focus and try again.
  5. Take a few moments for yourself and quietly celebrate achieving another year of life

There’s more, but I’ve bored you enough.

I’m thankful to see not just another year, but another day. For the past few years I haven’t wanted gifts. I’m honestly more concern in the gift that I can give to others. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive or even material. It can be kind words or a friendly gesture. Just find a creative way to express your appreciation.

Do something for yourself that you enjoy. I’m going to go to Baskin-Robbins and order a large Mocha Cappuccino Blast with Peanut-Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream, then if it’s nice outside I’m heading to my favorite park (Centennial Park) and listen to some Old School Hip Hop while sippin’ on my shake.

I know you not understand that and I’m sure I got some confused looks right now, but this is a simple piece of happiness for me. I don’t need the party or gifts, unless someone wants to buy me a BMW.

As each year goes by I gain a greater understanding of what real love and happiness truly is.

This is what makes my birthday happy.

Here’s one of the songs I’m sure I’ll play. Enjoy.

Link: Electric Relaxation


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  1. Happy Birthday!
    -I have a Mac, and though I would prefer to use Avid Newscutter, I don’t own it, so I use iMovie to edit my personal projects.

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