Memo to Senator McCain: LOOSE A WAR

A few weeks ago your campaign came up with a cute little catch phrase in hopes to revamp your image. Since then you’ve been saying it as much as possible. “I rather loose an election, than loose a war”. I think it’s a cleaver catch phrase, but it has the same amount of substance than George W. Bush’s “Compassionate Conservative” or even “Mission Accomplish”.

I could go into both of these catch phrases that has been proven untrue, but rather focus on you for a moment.

In order to win the war you have to become the president. So how are you going to win the war? You’ve been asked that question multiple times now and still haven’t given an answer that differs from the policy and strategy of George W. Bush. I’m asking you (John McCain) the question, how is your strategy and policy different than that of George W. Bush?

Don’t worry about Senator Obama, what’s your plan?


2 thoughts on “Memo to Senator McCain: LOOSE A WAR

  1. I haven’t been on here in a couple of weeks, but I’ve gotta say…nice Tim Valentine logo!!!
    I don’t expect McCain to give us much of a plan. Everyone, including the President, seems to adopt the suggestions that Sen. Obama offers as policy. There might be a bright spot for the GOP. The new Gallup Poll came out today and actually shows McCain in the lead. This does come after all of the attacks that he has made on Sen. Obama while he was making his rounds overseas.

    Get out and vote everyone!!!

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