Quick Note to …

I would like to add something to my previous post for the conservatives who finds themselves supporting a candidate that has nothing positive to say and want to lash out at me because I clearly am unwaivering in my support for Senator Obama.

Don’t waste my time. Do something positive if you know how.


  1. Help your candidate stay on message. Perhaps produce something positive.
  2. Be honest with yourself and stop sticking to what isn’t working.
  3. Talk about the positives of your candidate.
  4. Since your candidate has no strategy, you attack Obama and his supporters. Stop fooling yourself, it only makes you look even worse. Help your candidate not hurt him.

I would call the first guy who commented to the “I Am Obama” post out, but why encourage ignorance. I have already offered my response to him. It’s amazing to see the extent desperate people will go to be seen and heard, often you find that they have nothing positive to say or nothing to contribute to their critique of you.

You see, I have no problem putting my name on this blog because I stand behind what I say unlike the individuals who make ridiculous comments and hide in the shadows. You didn’t include your name because you’re obviously don’t want to stand behind your words.

So in my conclusion I send this just to You jp————-@gmail.com, you may recall a phrase Barack Obama gave yesterday, “…is the best you can do?”