Bill Clinton is Not a Racist

He may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but he is not a racist. This statement is ridiculous and you will be naïve to even believe it.

A reporter asked President Clinton, “Do you personally have any regrets about what you did, campaigning for your wife?”

Clinton, at first, answered, “Yes, but not the ones you think. And it would be counterproductive for me to talk about. There are things that I wish I’d urged her to do. Things I wish I’d said. Things I wish I hadn’t said. But I am not a racist. I’ve never made a racist comment and I never attacked him personally.”

I understand his answer and believe that his initial intentions were not to personally attack Barack Obama. I believe that President Clinton fell victim to something that many White people who are very comfortable and socially accepted by Black people, he had a false sense of believing he could speak freely or even somewhat critically about Black people.

I think this is partially the fault of Black people in addition to Bill Clinton.

In this case, Bill Clinton has the right to speak freely even if it is critical of Black people. He has a unique perspective that many White people who do not socialize themselves around individuals of various races. It becomes racist when you begin to belittle or degrade a race of people. The reference to Jesse Jackson winning South Carolina was true, but it was very bad timing and tone.

Its Black peoples fault, because you should not give this freedom or sense of openness to someone that they can speak freely if you’re going to get upset at what they say without judging their heart first.

Come on now. Bill Clinton has been the most hospitable President to Black people than any other U.S. President since Lincoln. If you raised this question against some other Presidents I could probably find some validity in your claim.

When you desegregate yourself from just socializing with your own race and open your mind to diversity you see how much you have in common with those who appear different than you.


PS: For all of the Republicans, Conservatives or nut jobs out there reading this that are looking for anything that sounds like I’m going against your beloved George W. Bush think again. I’ve defended George W. Bush against ridiculous claims of racism in the past. Now I think other harsh things of him, but he is not a racist.


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