Secret Service Removed Black Reporter from Covering McCain

I hear about this story on the radio a few days ago, but wanted to see how quickly it’s blown up in the media. I’m not sure happen because the report is Black, but as I listened and read the story it makes you wonder.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

I honestly believe that McCain didn’t have anything to do with this one, but since it was at a McCain Campaign event it gets press. Also, since it was only one (1) Black reporter covering the even it makes you question the actions.

Interesting little story.


A newspaper reporter recently became the subject of news when he was thrown out of the press area during a rally for Sen. John McCain.

Stephen Price of the Tallahassee Democrat was one of several reporters covering McCain’s stop-over in Panama City, Florida last Friday. But Price was the Only African-American reporter in the press corps that day when McCain’s security team singled him out and asked him to leave.

Price pointed out that other local reporters were in the same area. He was still told to leave. The other reporters were white.

Now, many are asking if race played a role in his removal.

The McCain campaign says it’s asked the Secret Service to look into the matter. A McCain spokesman says campaign personnel were not involved.

A Secret Service spokesman says two other Florida reporters were removed along with Price. He says any other reporters who weren’t with the national press should have been removed, too, and that race played no role.


Well of course race played no role. It never plays a role when you’re questioned about it. How would that look?

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