I Guess I’m Still Just a N-Word

I guess the argument of the post-racial dreams of many just became a little more difficult to make in light of the newest death threat against Senator Obama. It’s just too hard for some people to let go of the hatred.

Twenty-two (22) year old man from Miami, Raymond Hunter Geisel was arrested by the Secret Service on a charge of making assassination threats towards Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama.

Raymond Geisel was quoted to have said, “If that Nigger gets elected, Ill assassinate him myself”.

In addition to this he told the Secret Service that “if he wanted to kill Senator Obama he simply would shoot him with a sniper rifle, but then he claimed that he was just joking”.

So this is just a joke to you?

Now I do not advocate violence, but I can almost guarantee that if this idiot or any other fool out there who tried to carry this out would cause a backlash or retaliation that you don’t want to see.

You have to wonder who taught him this way of thinking. Where did he learn this from? He’s only twenty-two (22) years old.

Obviously he’s not voting for Obama, so I wonder who Raymond Hunter Geisel is supporting.

So the saga continues. No matter what you do, say or accomplish in life, there will ALWAYS be someone who will still look at you in contempt. This is particularly true in America if you’re a Black Man in America. You’re still just a Nigger in the eyes of some.

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3 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Still Just a N-Word

  1. You’re black, and masses of people are ignorant, what do you want us to do? Ban the word nigger? Paint you white?

    The world will never be colourblind, nor should it be. Just as ignorance will always be a part of every society, and perhaps we even need some ignorance in society, to remind us of how not to act.

    I think in reality your parting message should have read:

    “If you’re a Black Man. You’re still just a Nigger in the eyes of some.” – It’s not about America, it’s about the world, and how relatively new the freedom of the black populace in European and American countries actually is.

    You need to understand we really have only come out of our years of enslaving the black man. (I say we, because I am white, I say understand, not because I want you to forgive and accept racists and just accept it as something that will happen for a while, but rather to see the inevitablities of this dire situation from a global point of view.)

    For centuries, and longer, the blacks have been enslaved, it has created an ignorant mentality amoungst many, this mentality will not go away, the black populace of America has been free not even for 100 years yet.

    Black freedom and integration is still young, and in its infancy it will face many problems.

    Political correctness being the biggest one, as all it does is divide.

    I guess all I’m trying to say here is this:

    Are you really all that surprised?

  2. I have visited a Floridian friend many times and had occasion to hear racist statements/jokes made by him and his friends. I wouldn’t say we have to worry about some redneck actually assassinating Obama, but the prejudicial mentality among many Americans (of all races) still exists. Heck, if Hillary were the nominee sexist comments would be made across the Internet and in every local bar; even with McCain, ageism is a more discreet form of prejudice–but it still accomplishes the goal of pigeonholing a person into a certain label and saying “I don’t like them because they’re a nigger/a cunt/senile.”

  3. I’m sure Raymond Hunter Geisel is not alone in his thinking. There are many others who want to get out their high powered rifles. I am not surprised.

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