Audio Tribute to Bernie Mac & Issac Hayes

I decided to make an audio tribute to Bernie Mac & Issac Hayes and share it with you.

Share this link with anyone you know who appreciates the entertainment these two talented men offered the world. I will keep it up for a few days before converting it for download only.

Click the link below to hear my tribute to them.

Tribute to Bernie Mac & Issac Hayes (By Tim Valentine)



One thought on “Audio Tribute to Bernie Mac & Issac Hayes

  1. Nice mix… The combination really worked well together–taking me way back to the 70s. That was a time when soundtracks (Shaft, Superfly, Claudine, Sparkle, etc) were written with the movie in mind. They were not just a compilation of songs thrown together to sell CDs. I remember that Bernie Mac scene from “The Original Kings of Comedy,” and how much it cracked me up–again taking me back to the 70s, listening to the grown-ups talk various “mutha f……s”

    What else is there to say about Issac and Bernie, except, those cats were two bad mutha…. (shut yo mouth).

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