Using Lies as Alibis


A few people may remember this line from the song called “Lies” by En Vogue. Well I’m not talking about a song, nor John Edwards, but John McCain.

In response to the latest misleading and ridiculous attack ad from John McCain, Obama Campaign Spokesman, Hari Sevugan responded by saying “…Even though a host of independent, nonpartisan organizations have said this attack isn’t true, Senator McCain continues to lie about Senator Obama’s plan to give 95% of all families a tax cut of $1,000 and not raise taxes for those making under $250,000 a single dime…”

Obviously the McCain Campaign is banking on the notion that many American voters fail to pay attention to the facts and will only believe what you see on TV or even a political commercial as the truth without researching to check the truthfulness of the claims.

Yeah, I know it’s just politics as usual, but I remember hearing Obama make this statement.


One thought on “Using Lies as Alibis

  1. The McCain ads are so full of lies it is just ridicules. The truth is, they just want enough people, who are not smart enough to read for themselves, to swallow what they are spooning out. Just like the author, Jerome R. Corsi. He has been proved to be a liar in the past, but enough people bought his book to make it #1 on the NY Times bestsellers list. He whole goal is to discredit Obama and keep him from getting elected. Some people think that if a book gets published then it must be truth.

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