From Words to Deeds

John McCain: I speak for all people of the United States, We are all Georgians?

Isn’t that a bit arrogant to speak for the country as if you were the President? Didn’t we hear you, your campaign and supporters accuse Obama of something he never said “I am a Berliner”?

Then you said something I can’t believe you had the nerve to say.

John McCain: “In the 21st Century nations don’t invade other nations.”

Umm, I think I know this one Alex. What is Iraq?

When Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, “your friend” calls you out by name and mocks you it’s a sign that your words has proven to be meaningless to him as the leader of the country.

I guess you’re getting what you paid for out of John McCain.

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The lobbying firm (Orion Strategies) that helped secure an oil deal with Georgia is ran by John McCain advisor Randy Scheunemann. Mr. Schedunermann has spent years lobbying on behalf of Georgia and has publicly taken Anti-Russia positions.

In 2003 and March of this year Mr. Scheunermann personally lobbied John McCain’s senate staff on behalf of Georgia while working for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

It’s difficult for anyone to take your charge against lobbyist seriously Mr. McCain.

I’m not a fan of FOX News, but I have to give credit to Carl Cameron for this question to John McCain. “Barack Obama and John McCain’s statements, Senator Lieberman said on had kind of moral neutrality to it; that comes, I think, from inexperience. The other, Senator McCain was strong and clear. That seems a little political to you – to some, no?

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Well, Well, Well John. What spin are you going to put on this one? I told you not to trust a turncoat like Joe Lieberman. Oh, does Joe not speak for you now. You accuse Barack of politicizing the crisis with Russia and Georgia, but are at a lost for words when you’re called on doing what you accuse Barack of doing.

Perhaps you’re hoping that the American people doesn’t notice like so many other things often glossed over about you and just sweep this one under the rug.

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