Vice-President Final Wrap-Up


This is just my opinion and analysis of who I believe will be the Vice-President and in an Obama Administration. To offer a quick summary, I believe that Evan Bayh will be VP, Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State and Bill Richardson will be in the administration. Well soon see how accurate my predictions are within the next few days.

Former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA)

Mr. Nunn is 69 years old and will bring an advantage of foreign and defense policy. Although he is younger than John McCain he may been seen as too old. I like him, but believe that he may play another role in an Obama Administration.

Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA)

Mr. Rendell is 64 and would be a safe bet for Whites who tend to be socially uncomfortable with people of color or agree with the characterization of “White Working-Class” we heard so much about as if just working-class wasn’t good enough. I personally believe he would undermine the ticket and wouldn’t show true commitment. He’s more loyal and tied to the old Democratic system than the new direction the party is going. I do not believe he will have any place in an Obama Administration.

Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM)

Mr. Richardson is 60 and would bring a ton of executive and foreign policy experience to the ticket. In addition he would probably secure a large portion of the Hispanic vote. I personally like him, but feel that many Whites would be faced with a second wave of change that I believe would expose deep seeded racial tension that may not be realized. In plain English, to have a Black guy as President and a Latino as Vice-President would be too much for SOME Whites, NOT ALL. I believe he would have a high position in an Obama Administration.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS)

Mrs. Sebelius is 60 and brings executive experience, but some observers suggest that picking a woman could alienate some Clinton supporters. I’m not sure if she would be appointed to serve in a role in an Obama Administration.

Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN)

Mr. Bayh is 53 and would help in swing-states, but when he was considering a presidential run himself last year; some observers suggested that Mr. Bayh did not quite have the charisma needed to reach the top of the US political heap. I personally believe that he will be the Vice-Presidential Nominee, but we’ll see.

He’s fits the role perfectly in comparison to Barack Obama. Since it’s always about what White people think in this country I will add that Evan Bayh safely fits what many people would want in a Vice-President, plus he would do no harm. This is why I believe come January 20, 2009 we will be swearing in Vice-President Bayh. Initially he was my second choice.

Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA)

Mr. Kaine is 50 years old and would help deliver the swing state of Virginia in this election. The downfall is that it would appear that the ticket is too new for some people. I personally like Tim Kaine and his was my first choice, but he has only been the state’s governor since 2006 and Barack may decide that the ticket needs to have a bit more experience.

Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC)

Mr. Edwards is 55 years old and would have been a good running mate until recent revelations that has clearly excluded him from the ticket. I like John Edwards, but dude… that was political suicide.

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Mrs. Clinton is 60 and made a historic and outstanding run for president. She would bring a lot of inside experience, but that inside experience has proven to be two-sided. Although many people would like to see her on the ticket, we all would have to consider Bill Clinton. That’s her problem. Although I like Bill & Hillary, Bill tends to overshadow Hillary. Many Whites and Older Women has pressured Obama to pick Hillary and that’s understandable.

I think Hillary’s biggest issue to deal with is not Obama supporters, but being able to control Bill. That’s the biggest thing going against her. I actually like them both. I think they have forgotten the Black vote they use to pride themselves on, but I guess we don’t matter anymore judging by their language and actions during the primaries.

I would strongly recommend another high profile position in an Obama Administration that I believe would be better, Secretary of State. Basically it’s the #3 spot. It highlights her strengths and in my opinion she would be the most effective Secretary of State in history of the office.