What happened to the Christians?

When you listen to the bitterness coming from people that call themselves Christians it makes the argument for salvation more difficult to offer. When the person can easily point to the confusion and contradictions of the church why would they want to be apart of it.

Of course there are many people who are doing the right things and striving to live according to the Bible, but in comparison to the vast majority of individuals who calls themselves Christian it raises the question, What Church do you attend?

I can’t go into every aspect and every problem, but every time I hear someone use the labels of “Evangelical”, “Religious Right”, “Liberal Congregations”, “Black Church”, etcetera it makes me wonder “What happened to the Christians?”

Each election season we allow politics to creep into the church like some people do on Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas, and then we don’t see them again until the next season.

The divisive labels I hear from all sides of the aisle is not of God. The church house is not the halls of congress, nor is the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government a pulpit. Confusing policies with praise is what lead us into where we are now.

When I look at the environment we find ourselves in today; war, even rumors of war, a weakening economic, rising cost of healthcare, careless political and moral conditions it’s no wonder why we have a mood of despair and of lost hope.

When you have a government that says it is compassionate, but we find that they are far too conservative with who should receive their compassion we have a big problem.

The church is getting played.

When I can watch someone who is representing a church look me in the eye, see the Obama sticker in my car window, then asked the guy getting out of the car beside me with a McCain bumper sticker on his car, and invite him to attend a service at a church nearby it begs of me to ask, “What happened to the Christians?”

This is why the message of change and hope has made a comeback during this campaign. Although you may find it in some churches, and get it for a few politicians, but hope has been absence far too long in our society. Hope and inspiration use to be found it in a sermon by a minister, but now it is found in a speech from a politician.

When Christians stop Confusing God and Government and start back the true purpose of ministry we will not have to be concerned about the pastor praising politicians in the pulpit or people deciding where to attend church based on its political leanings. We’ll drop the divisive labels and apply the only label that should matter to a Christian, Christ.

It’s OK to support a candidate and to become involved in politics, but when you begin to confuse them you run into the problems we are experiencing today.

Now anyone who has read previous entries can gain a great understanding of my positions and affiliations in terms of religion and politics. I’m sure I’ve upset someone, but when someone refuses to invite you to a church based off of your political leanings then you wonder what the church is teaching them.


2 thoughts on “What happened to the Christians?

  1. Very good post, Tim (you actually inspired me to respond with an entire essay of my own). Different congregations sometimes need to remember that they are all Christians; likewise, our two political parties need to remember that we are all Americans; and different countries need to remember that we are all human beings. A lot of our bickering deviates from the principles of the Bible and of the principles of respectable human conduct.

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