Republican Quandary in Black & White (Part 1)

Republicans for Obama — “With Barack Obama as the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president, some black members of the Republican Party face a dilemma: support their white candidate (John McCain) or cross party lines and vote for the first African American with a serious chance to win the White House.”
Former Rep. Jack Kemp (Congressman & 1996 Vice-Presidential Republican nominee) – “The culprit is clear: the recruitment effort by his party is pitiful. I don’t see much of an outreach; I don’t see much of a reason to run.”

I find it interesting that you hear of more White Republicans talking and commenting about Black Republicans voting for Obama than Black folks.

It’s interesting because most Black people only focus on those close to them. Most Black people are friends or are in contact with people of all races and political convections. Most Black people, regardless if they are a Republican or Democrat can gain a good sense of who the other person is voting for without asking the question or even pondering over it.

I really don’t know how to explain this one, but I’m sure some understand what I’m saying.

I’m a Black Man, but I do not and can not speak for all Black people. But what many Blacks can relate to regardless of status, fortune, education or wealth is a piece of advice that most Blacks are told when they are coming of age or will soon realize as they come of age.

When you walk into any place where you are the only Black person, the whole race walks in with you“.

Can you tell me that isn’t true?

Whether it is Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Colin Powel or even Armstrong Williams, they are always associated or characterized with Black something or other when describing them. Black Golfer, Black Billionaire, Black Secretary of State, Black Republican.

Why is it you do not do this when you describe Greg Norman, Barbra Walters, Steve Jobs, Michael Bloomberg or even James Baker. Because it’s understood. If you don’t say Black whatever they position then they are obviously White.

This means that you are looked at as “The Black Person” and often things are assumed about you that may or may not even be true. I believe this is true among Black Republicans too. Often things that are assumed about Black Republicans from everyone included Black people that may or may not be true. They are misunderstood twice. And please don’t let it be a Black Female Republicans. OMG! You think Hillary had it hard.


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