Doing Something Right

A good indicator that you’re either onto something or you’re absolutely right is when you see and/or hear Republicans do their best to spin, lie or dispute whatever it is you have to say. All you hear are Republicans and the Angry Hillary Supporters which should be put into the same bucket with Republicans will always show their hand by the words they say and how loud they say them.

Say what you want to say about Barack & Joe. It wouldn’t matter what or who Barack picked as his running mate, because Republicans & the Angry Hillary Supporters would have still dislike anyone he choose. I even heard an Angry Hillary Supporter say on MSNBC that she wouldn’t be upset if Barack lost.

He could have selected Shadrach, Mishach and Abendigo as the finalist for a running mate and you would still have something negative to say.

But I would like to end this thought by using a quote made famous by the late Bernie Mac, “I Ain’t Scared of you…”.