Vice President Biden

I’m Crazy, because it’s 3:06 AM CST and for some reason I actually heard my Blackberry vibrate. I check it out and guess who was sending me and millions of others a text message, Barack Obama. I’m not too surprised with this news, but I’ll write in detail in a few more hours. Until then let me order my Obama/Biden bumper sticker.

Go Joe!


One thought on “Vice President Biden

  1. Unfortunately CNN beat the Obama team to the punch. I was just getting in (at 12:55 a.m., eastern time) when my Blackberry buzzed. It was an email “Breaking News” alert from CNN announcing that Biden had been chosen.

    I’m glad about the choice. I like Biden. The Obama team should have sent out the texts on Friday evening. The longer they waited, the more opportunity for the word to leak–especially with camera crews camped out on people’s yards. I guess they had to get the websites and everything ready before the announcement.

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