Beautiful Black Women

As I watched and listen to Michelle Obama last night I could do nothing, but smile. I smiled because America, especially those who do not or will not socialize with African Americans on a friendship level had another opportunity to see that our story and struggles are similar.

What you saw last night is one of the core reasons why I find it so easy to love, admire and appreciate Black Women. When you take the time to get to know someone you quickly realize that the misconceptions presented to the world for hundreds of years about Black women are not true. I believe Michelle is just one of millions of examples that disprove those myths.

I believe all women should be cherished, but want to speak directly to Black Women. In the midst of all that they do and endure, the criticism from all directions including some Black men, Black women always seem to hold it down. That’s a sexy quality that is often overlooked.

I absolutely have a love, respect, admiration and a deep personal abiding affinity for Black Women. Last night Michelle Obama gave you a glimpse into what makes Black women so special.


PS: There are some individuals who do not have the capacity to understand the unspoken message of this blog entry and I really do not care if you ever get it, it’s not for you to understand. Don’t reveal your ignorance by sending me a stupid comment. I can easily site the diversity of my friendships.