Honor Roll Poster Boys

Tharin Gartrell & Nathan Johnson

Now you know I’m going to go there with these two honor roll students. So if anyone wants to get mad at me I suggest that you save it for later. Just a friendly suggestion, it would not be smart to send a threatening comment, because it includes your IP Address & Email Address. Law enforcement can easily trace it. This is why I suggest that you save it for later.

My question is simple. Why is it always uneducated economical disadvantaged white men that seem to always come up with the brilliant plan of assassinating someone based off of your lack of understanding, socialization and tolerance?

Now I will be the first to say that it’s ironic that prejudice, bias and bigotry doesn’t discriminate, so why should you?

Now you’re about to face the Feds. The same feds that may have to answer to the guy you’re trying to kill. BRILLANT!

Again, you make this statement true. “Ignorance will always make itself known.”

Now you got this Black guy “sassing you” in form of a blog and calling you stupid. I would have said the same thing if it was McCain. I guess we can make the assumption that if you’re registered to vote it would be for McCain anyway. I’m sure these are two votes even John McCain would want.

I hope you enjoy prison.

Reference Source:

CBS 2 Chicago – 08/26/08 “Police Investigates Possible Plot To Kill Obama at Convention