Who is Sarah Palin?

Now that I’ve got my composure let’s get serious for a minute. I want to begin to explore the wisdom of John McCain’s judgment. Perhaps it will lend some insight to another aspect of his character.

Based off of his one visit with the Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, John McCain picks her to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. So who is Sarah Palin? I ask the question for people who amazingly are still undecided or just not paying attention to politics. I also want to ask for the P.U.M.A. women and the Angry Hillary Supporter(s) that just want to vote for a woman. This is what John McCain is banking on.

So let’s try to begin to answer the question, “Who is Sarah Palin?”

Sarah Palin is…
• White
• Woman
• Married
• Mother
• Republican
• Former Beauty Queen
• Former Star Point Guard
• Wanted to become a Sports Reporter for ESPN, but didn’t want to move to Connecticut.
• She was apart of the PTA
• Elected to the City Council of her hometown
• Elected Mayor (Pop. 9638)
• Elected Governor of Alaska in 2006
• Anti-Corruption
• Anti-Spending
• Pro-Guns
• Pro-Life
• Anti-Abortion even in cases of Rape or Incest
• Pro taking the Polar Bear off of the endangered species list
• Does not believe that Global Warming is man made.
• Now under investigation
• Said that Hillary Clinton was a whiner in March 2008

Oh yeah, she was for Senator Stevens (R-AK) Bridge to Nowhere in 2006, but now is against it. (Anchorage Daily News – 2006)

Although the state of Alaska is geographically the largest state it is the 47th in its population. Alaska has the population of approximately 675,000, which is about the size of Brooklyn, NY.