The Republican Skit

As I watched the Republican Skit last night I looked over the audience and thought to myself, it this the best you got. You know I’m going to blast you. You try to attack me and millions of others for wanting a better America and supporting the Democratics. But I’m one Democrat who isn’t afraid of ANY Republican and try very hard to keep my opinions of you clean when writing about you. But last night was absolutely it. I’m tired of listening to you peddle fear and lies while you continue practicing scandalous and hypocritical lives.

You can’t talk about the issues, because you have none to stand on. You like because you do not want the real truth to come out. You tried to mock the role regular people play in politics. Perhaps that’s why your campaign manager is quoted in saying, “This election is not about issues.”

WHAT? Not about the issues. What the Hell is it about then?

It may not be about the issues for John McSame and Sarah Playin, but it’s ALL ABOUT THE ISSUES for the Americans who don’t make $5million a year, who don’t live in gated communities, who can’t afford the hockey or soccer equipment for our children, a basketball or football has to work, who are loosing our homes, who’s jobs are now oversees, who work multiple jobs so we won’t be two months behind on our bills, the Americans who are smart enough to see through the front the GOP is putting on. I can not and will not be moved by your ridiculous dipiction of democracy. You can say whatever about us, but we can’t say nothing about you. That’s going to end. And I’m going to put your nose in it so you can smell the “mess” you just made in the lives of millions Americans.

Some one said last night that Sarah Failin is the picture of America.

When was the last time Sarah Palin or someone like her was in your hood. Never.

So now I’m not holding back what I think about the pieces of crap and hypocracy the republican party stands for today. YOU ARE NOT THE PARTY OF Lincoln or Douglas. I dare any of you… to say that you are. That party is gone. This is just the first installment.

Don’t Believe the Republican Hype.


2 thoughts on “The Republican Skit

  1. You are very stupid- for one thing. You can’t spell or reason. Go back to your ‘hood’ where you’ve all been PROGRAMMED to hate conservatives. You are falling for the BS that the dems have been peddling endlessly instead of learning what the differences are in their platforms. OR- you want big government to tell you what to do and rescue you/take care of you. Either way you are a sorry-ass fool. I could take you to school(I’m sure you don’t want to ‘go there’) on these topics, but I don’t believe that you would listen with an open mind. You and your ilk are steeped in hatred and it drives your vehicle. You will never be a happy person getting around this way. You should listen to Michael Steele, and stop being blindly led (astray) by the socialists— I mean liberals.

  2. MikeInMaine–It seems to me the same could be said about you. Your response seemed lined with hate to me. Once upon a time I was a registered member of the Republican party, but George Dubya came along and screwed things up. Why are Republicans so quick to say, “Real Christians can’t vote for a Democrat,” or “If you don’t agree with the war in Iraq or the lies that got us there, you’re not patriotic?” Why are they always using the fear factor to got votes? If anyone is spouting lies, hate and divisiveness it seems to be the GOP to me. That’s all I heard from them this week. I guess the love of God is only relevant when it can be used to attack people. But we know what the real issue is here, right MikeInMaine?

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