Typical Republican Response

I invite my fellow Democrats to read the typical republican comments of MikeInMaine in the previous post “The Republican Skit”.


You are very stupid- for one thing. You can’t spell or reason. Go back to
your ‘hood’ where you’ve all been PROGRAMMED to hate conservatives. You
are falling for the BS that the dems have been peddling endlessly
instead of learning what the differences are in their platforms. OR-
you want big government to tell you what to do and rescue you/take care
of you. Either way you are a sorry-ass fool. I could take you to
school(I’m sure you don’t want to ‘go there’) on these topics, but I
don’t believe that you would listen with an open mind. You and your ilk
are steeped in hatred and it drives your vehicle. You will never be a
happy person getting around this way. You should listen to Michael
Steele, and stop being blindly led (astray) by the socialists— I mean


Now if this fool would have read previous comments I’ve made about one person he mentioned he would have never said it. But THEY DON’T READ. So as usual some misguided republican takes it upon him or herself to read my blog while he/she eats their Cheese Sandwich and takes a sip of his Iced Tea is lead to leave a comment.  It’s almost like they follow a script.

That’s good. I’m enjoy making these fools upset. I’m not afraid of them, because many of them both Black and White are having a difficult time disputing the hypocrisy of their own party.

By-the-way, so what about the Republicans who are voting Democratic in this election, are they socialists too?

They never leave their real name because they are not man or woman enough to stand behind what they say. They think that Liberal is a bad word, but it’s a word that says that you are open-minded enough to consider other views. Even the messed up views of conservatives, a word that demonstrates narrow-mindedness and adverse to any level of change.

Call me what you like, think what you want about me. But I’m taking as many people to the polls during early voting and on election day to boot the GOP out.

I guess you will have to keep getting mad, because I’m not stopping.

I know I shouldn’t taunt the Democratically-Challenged, but it’s just fun to see them get mad like I just took a big stick and knocked their gated bee hive down.