What if Cindy McCain was Black?

What if Cindy McCain was Black?

Let’s imagine that Cindy McCain, the second wife of the 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee Senator John McCain was Black.


If Cindy McCain was Black I wonder how differently people would treat her.

Would the issues or patriotism be raised?

If she had a teenage daughter who was pregnant would the religious right still embrace her with open arms?

Would her addition to prescription pain killers she was stealing from a non-profit become an issue?

Would the way her and John met become an issue?

Would she be perceived as being angry for any remark she makes?

Would the Democrats taunt her for marrying a Community Organizer?

Would the Democrats openly laugh or mock at her and her husbands’ life story?

Would the media bring up the issues of her race in each interview?

Would there have been a reaction if a “Black” Cindy McCain justified a VP’s foreign policy experience by using the “Alaska is close to Russia” argument? (Thanks Mona)

I’m sure it wouldn’t come up or become an issue at all? I’m sure the religious right, the RNC and all of John McCain’s supporters would not care if Cindy McCain was Black. They’re a Party of Mavericks. I’m sure a factious Black Cindy McCain would have the same support the real Cindy McCain gets now. Let’s not forget that we live in a “color blind” society and race or gender isn’t an issue anymore.


Now if you’re naive to believe that I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you for 3 easy payments of $19.95. You heard it right, only $19.95, but wait there’s more.

These are only hypothetical questions. You can substitute Black for Latina, Asian, Pacific Islander, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu or even Atheist. The point is to examine how we still knowingly or unknowingly judge people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character or walked in their shoes.

I’m glad she is who she is and John is who he is. I have never mocked his service and being a POW although he is using it as a “Get out of Jail Free” card when he’s criticized on anything. I have never mocked her inherited wealth.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve had the opportunity to socialize myself among people who don’t look like me, was not raised as I was raised, have more or less education as me, are wealthier or poorer than me, has had better or fewer opportunities than me and do not believe as I believe. I may not be able to walk in their shoes, but I can take the time to walk with them. This helps you relate and understand those not like you and you will soon realize how similar you really are. The unknown community organizer may be the only one the wealthy CEO can turn to when money fails him.

What if Sarah Palin was Black? Hmm.


3 thoughts on “What if Cindy McCain was Black?

  1. Hello Tim,

    Great thought starter. I forced myself to watch both conventions . I must say I am somewhat taken aback by the “blindness” expressed in the last two nights. For most of my life, I assumed people acted a certain way because they were hateful or mean or otherwise. After viewing the chants of USA and open arms to Gov. Palin, it appears that ignornance is the major challenge. The people in St. Paul didn’t seem to have a clue. There was no talk of solutions or issues. Just chants of USA.

  2. Hello, discovered your blog today! I’ve got one more that you could add to the dream sequence: Would there have been a reaction if a black Cindy McCain justified a VP’s foreign policy experience by using the “Alaska is close to Russia” argument? Hmmm….

  3. Actually, I don’t think McCain would be the Republican nominee if Cindy was black. But, if I want to see this through and Cindy McCain was black, by now she would have been skewered by the media and the general public. We would all know that she is a thief and an irresponsible welfare mother with loose morale values. She would have been whisked off the stage, in tears, so fast that we wouldn’t have time to sneeze. Comments like “How dare those people think they have the right to stand for me and my country and See what happens when you have that dag blasted equal opportunity! ” *spits*

    Oh, that was scary. For a moment I really got into it.

    If Cindy McCain were black, she would not be getting treated with kid gloves, adoration (and money) – like she is right now.

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