We are a Party of Mavericks?

The Republicans have nominated a man who has served and loves his country just as much as any community organizer and Democrat does. As a senator he has shown his independence from his party on some very important issues, but on the two great issues of this election (1) How to rebuild the American Dream? (2) How to restore Americans leadership in the world? John McCain still embraces the extreme philosophy that has defined the Republican Party for more than 25 years.

It’s a philosophy that many non-political Americans and the world didn’t get to see until 2001. In 2001 the Republicans finally gained control of the Congress and the White House, then we saw what has happened to America. They had the opportunity to implement the policies they’ve talked about for decades into action to see if they would work.

We see how that has worked. From record surpluses to an exploding debt. From over 22 million new jobs to now just 5 million. From increasing working families incomes from nearly $7500 a year to a decline of $2000 a year. From nearly 8 million Americans lifted out of poverty to more than 5 million driven into poverty and millions of families losing their homes, jobs and health insurance.

Now they want you to believe that they’re a party of mavericks. —– Please.

The Grand Ole Party has nominated a man who has acted as a maverick in previous years, but has now lost his independence and maverick credentials and adopted the extreme conservatism and prohibitive ideology that has inspired his party for decades.

Where did all the good Republicans go?

Besides Jack Kemp, Chuck Hagel, J.C. Watts and a few others the Karl Roves and Dick Cheney’s of the party or resting in peace silence most of them.

In 2000 John McCain could have been counted among the Good Republicans, but now he has adopted 90% of the polices endorsed by George W. Bush.

How much does a maverick go for these days?

If you want to be a Party of Mavericks you should find out where the Maverick has gone? Perhaps it would be easier to just get the Dallas Mavericks to control your party; then you can actually call yourself the Party of Mavericks.

PS: Please assume no offense was intended by my use of your team name in association with the Republican Party to anyone associated or employed by the NBA team “Dallas Mavericks”. I actually like the team.