My Fellow Lobbyist Friends

To My Fellow Lobbyist Friends:

Republicans say Sen. John McCain and his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, are mavericks.

John McCain says that he is going to tell all those lobbyists in Washington that their days of running Washington are over, which sounds pretty good until you discover that seven of his top campaign managers and officials are former corporate lobbyists.

So who are you running out of town?

Better yet, where are they going?

Well the answer to that one is obvious, to help fuel your campaign.

Oops, did I use the word fuel. I didn’t mean to suggest that 33 of John McCain’s Advisors and Fundraisers lobbied for Big Oil companies like BP, Exxon, Chevron, Hess & Shell. Matter-of-fact hasn’t the oil industry made over $2 Million to your campaign.

Of course you will argue that none is currently registered to lobby Congress. Even if we can believe you doesn’t that still mean that you are connected to lobbyist? But I forgot it’s not about the issues. Isn’t that what your campaign manager Rick Davis says?

Oops I did it again. Rick Davis — a major telecommunications lobbyist.

I meant to talk about your senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann. I recently talked about him a few weeks ago, but isn’t he facing scrutiny over his foreign lobbying on behalf of the Republic of Georgia, which has been embroiled in a military conflict with Russia.

Even another one of your “Lobbyist Friends” is one of your senior advisers. You remember he’s the one that suggested that another terror attack would be good for your campaign. Didn’t Mr. Charlie Black work as a foreign lobbyist for dictators in Zaire and Angola in the 1980s?

Let’s not mention Mr. Frank Donatelli, the Republican National Committee’s liaison to the McCain campaign, has had clients including… don’t tell me… Exxon Mobil.

Since you admitted that you don’t know much about the economy; I believe one of your economic adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer lobbied for corporate giants like Koch Industries.

Of course your congressional liaisons, John Green, and national finance Co-chairman Wayne Berman both lobbied for Fannie Mae.

I won’t start of Sarcastic Palin this time.

I’m sure some will toss out the name of Sen. Joe Biden’s close ties to lobbyists, including his son Hunter, who has worked for credit card giant MBNA. I’ll give you that one. BUT the difference with Mr. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden is something called ethics.

Joe Biden was asked about his son and his ties to lobbyist on CNN “American Morning” this past Thursday, September 4th and his response was “I can look you right straight in the eye and guarantee you my son have never, ever, ever lobbied me.”

I guess we’re all lobbyist in some capacity, but some get paid for it. I’m lobbying you now to look at the lack of discussion of the issues by the McCain Campaign and the Republican Party. Some will angrily submit comments lobbying me to believe the Republican Hype that they have endorsed. They’ll use all types of “Rep. Lynn Westmoreland and Rep. Geoff Davis” like comments against me. Even the Civil Rights Movement can be viewed as a lobbying efforts nurtured by a famous community organizer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. if you think about it.

So I ask you, my lobbyist friends this simple question:

  1. Who do you believe will change Washington?
  2. Who do you lobby for?