Out of Gas

Sunday, September 14, 2008 I was driving to church when I realized that I needed to stop and get some gas. I got off the interstate exit near my church and drove down to what was going to be the first of my quest for gasoline.

I went to Exxon, but they were out of gas. I drove across the street to Mapco and they were out of gas. I could see that the Shell was out of gas too. So I hopped back on the interstate to the next exit where I knew of two other gas stations. I drove by the Amoco and they were out of gas, but the Raceway across the street was still open. I pulled in and assumed the position as I paid $4.09 a gallon for some gasoline. The bad thing about it, $4.09 was the cheapest gas in town.

As I was getting _______ at the pump by the oil companies a fellow inmate of the economy pulled up in his grey pickup truck with his Confederate flag in the back. He was wearing a NASCAR hat and shirt, but he felt compelled to tell me these words (read with a very southern twang) “I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life, but I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can vote for McCain with gas prices like this. I’m not racist, but I rather have a smart Black man running this country than a dumb ass rich White one.

Now this was a guy that looked like your typical Southern White NASCAR Loving, Budweiser drinking, Confederate Flag flying guy that wouldn’t choose to have a conversation with a Black man, especially one standing at the pump with some expensive shoes and cufflinks on, but he did.

The day that the issue of the economy out trumps the issue of race for a guy like this in the state of Tennessee is proof that “Change is coming to America”.

Now John McCain, Sarah Palin and many Republicans want you to focus on the distractions and fake outrage over non-issues in efforts to avoid the need to provide a solution to the problems we all face, like putting gas in our cars or even paying the mortgage.

I agree with the guy that was talking politics with me at the gas pump, “…I don’t see how anyone in their right mind can vote for McCain” with an economy like the one we have now. This is from a White Southern Male who has always voted Republican, not a Black man who isn’t easily persuaded by the lies of the current GOP candidates, Dumb and Dumber, but anyone who believe them should be considered the Dumbest.

“It’s the Economy Stupid”.