I am so ashamed to be a Republican…

I am a fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican. I am aghast at the choice the Republican ticket has made in Sarah Palin.

If one took the time to look at the Republican ticket of how they would fiscally manage the mess we are in, one would actually see for him/herself that we would end up paying more taxes. Of course, Ms. Palin has no concern regarding that whatsoever. Her agenda is always personal and irrational to the needs of the greater good. I have been writing to Ms. Palin’s administration since she took office out of concern for the wolves (brutal and inhumane aerial gunning of wolves) and the polar bears’ loss of habitat. She has consistently showed no compassion for how outsiders view her policies. How would that bode for us as Americans if she runs our country with the same disregard? The U.S. is a part of the global community and she is completely unconnected from that responsibility and that role.

I am so ashamed to be a Republican that I have re-registered as a Democrat this year because, frankly, they are more like original Republicans anyway (less government, more power to the people) and the Republicans are now about more government and less power to the people. She in no way represents an intelligent Republican woman and I don’t want to be associated with Republican women if they identify with her ignorant and hypocritical platform.Susan W., 65, Flagstaff, AZ


This answers a question I asked awhile ago, “Where has all the good Republican gone?” I guess they are re-registering as Democrats now. My only comment for Susan W. of Flagstaff, AZ is WOW. Well said, but more importantly I would like to say Welcome.

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  1. After her 15 minutes of fame, it’s times to talk real issues. It’s just a matter time before voters who are interested in the real issues realize that Palin doesn’t have anything of substance to add to the discussion.

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