Women Against Sarah Palin

Women Against Sarah Palin: I cannot believe that Palin is running for the second highest office in the country. As a woman I could never vote for her. I need the right to choose what I do with my body and how can we ignore the fuel crisis. It is this sort of ignorance and greed that has gotten us where we are today. Woe is me, if she and McCain get elected. How much more can we rape this planet before the earth dies. How much more can we let big business keep making higher and higher profits while the middle class and the poor get poorer?

We as women fought for the freedom to vote and to be treated as equals-Palin would take that from us including banning books in schools and libaries. Palin cannot replace Hillary. Palin is a woman I would never vote for. As women we must stand together to keep what we’ve won.
Sally S., 52, Birmingham, AL


I was fortunate enough to receive an email from on of you with a link to a site called, “Women Against Sarah Palin“.  I guess since I hold such a high regard for Mrs. Palin they thought I would like the site.

I checked it out and was compelled to email the creator to ask for permission to reference her blog. Obviously she replied back with a yes.

I invite you to visit “Women Against Sarah Palin” even if you’re a man. The only thing the McCain campaign will do is accuse you of sexism like they did the two women on Saturday Night Live.