GOP Senator Says Palin is Insulting to the American People

During an interview with the Omaha World-Herald Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is the nation’s most prominent Republican officeholder to publicly question whether Sarah Palin has the experience to serve as president.

She doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials. You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don’t know what you can say. You can’t say anything.

I think they ought to be just honest about it and stop the nonsense about, “I look out my window and I see Russia and so therefore I know something about Russia. That kind of thing is insulting to the American People.”

I think it’s a stretch to say in any way that she has the experience to be President.

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE)


Omaha World-Herald – 09/18/08 “GOP senator: A stretch to say Palin is qualified

Omaha World-Herald – 09/18/08 “Sen. Hagel doubts Palin’s ready


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