It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

You and your minions may like chanting “drill, drill, drill” as an economic strategy. You and your minions may like chanting “kill, kill, kill” as a foreign policy strategy. But as you and your minions are choosing to believe the fundamentals of our economy are strong, the American Worker is chanting “Who’s Going to Help Me Keep My Dollar Dollar Bill”.

To quote past U.S. Presidents…

I ask the simple question,Are you better off today than you were four years ago?– President Ronald Reagan

I don’t know how else to get to point across except by screaming, “It’s the Economy, Stupid.– President Bill Clinton

I’m sure you wish you never uttered these quotes…

We need to return to the Reagan years. We need to have fiscal conservatism. We need less government. We need less regulation.”

Sen. John McCain, January 2008 – Washington Week on PBS

I’m always for less regulation… As far as a need for additional regulations are concerned, I think that depends on the legislative agenda and what the Congress does to some degree, but I am a fundamentally a deregulator.”

Sen. John McCain, March 3, 2008 – Wall Street Journal

I don’t think, frankly, someone who wants to increase the burden of government regulation and higher taxes has a real understanding of economics.”

Sen. John McCain, April 2008 on the Campaign Trail

Even some of your own group of Economic Advisors chimed in with some memorable quotes of their own, like…

“There’s no need for specifics of how John McCain will fix the economy, it’s just a leadership issue.” – Douglas Holtz-Eakin

Well I agree with you, it is a leadership issue. A leader lays out a realistic and descriptive plan of what he plans on doing regarding the economic crisis we’re in today. Creating a 9/11 – like Commission to study what happen doesn’t solve the problem. If my house is on fire I don’t gather people together to figure out if I left the stove or iron on, I call the Fire Department and find a garden hose to help put it out.

Let’s not even go into Phil Gram of “A nation of whiners” fame. I’ll even let you off with the recent “Not qualified to be CEO of a major company” comments from Carly Fiorina. I won’t say anything about Charlie Black’s comments about “another terrorist attack would help the campaign” comment. It seems you have enough to deal with in your own campaign than thinking about something as trivial as the American Economy.

I guess we can ignore the comment by Mitt Romney at the Republican Convention a few weeks ago. You know the one about “John McCain will take a weed-wacker to the regulations”.

Well it seems like Phil Gram may have already started with the trimming of the hedges while in Congress. McCain has long promised voters that he learned the hard lessons provided by his being one of the infamous Keating Five in the nefarious savings and loan scandal that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet he chose as his campaign co-chair a former senator whose push for government deregulation facilitated the far deeper scandal we now are experiencing. Here is a man whose legislation created what financial guru Warren Buffet termed “financial weapons of mass destruction.”

Why in the world would you designate as your key economic adviser someone who left the Senate to become an officer of the bank that is at the very center of this mess, a former senator who not only secured highly paid employment with a banking giant that benefited from legislation he helped pass, but who then lobbied Congress for even more of the deregulatory breaks that got the bank into such deep trouble?

The answer cannot simply be that McCain doesn’t care much about economics, as he himself has indicated. Perhaps that would explain his having voted for all of the measures pushed through the Senate by Gramm. (Source Link)

So John, do you still want to privatize Social Security? You still think it is wise to put the income that so many retired American Worker’s you referred to as fundamental part of the economy on Wall Street?

Now you’re for regulations. How political expedient. Why don’t you ask Sarah if she has a plan?

To use a phrase you’ve used on many occasions, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”. You can try to distract everyone with falsehoods and faux promises, but it’s still the economy, stupid.