The White Vote: Part 1

Disclaimer — Please understand that I clearly understand that I have White Women who read my blog and have agreed with me on multiple occasions. Two of my favorite blogs are authored by White Women so I don’t have anything personally against White Women as a whole. i bring this up to make those who may not be aware to the over-analysis of white people in the media. Just to throw this in there, “one of my best friends is a White Woman” 🙂 Obviously I know that it’s not all White Voters (i.e. pictures below)

Why is it always about White Women? My goodness, White Women, White Men, White Voters, White Working Class, White, White, White. Has everyone forgotten about every other races of people with Voter Registration Cards?

We’ve heard this story and unfortunate comments from White Female Presidential & Vice-Presidential Candidates and her supporters, Congressmen calling Senator Obama “Boy” and “Uppity”, Former Cabinet Members and Presidents raising long believed doubts, fears and misconceptions surrounding race, Reporters repeating claims based on race, Radio Personalities instilling the biases held by there listeners, Newspapers, Magazines and books printing proven lies about race, Republicans, Democrats, Black and White people all talking about what White people think or will do.

Obviously Barack Obama would not be at this point if he just depended on a single group of people. If you’re going to try to use “The Black Candidate” strategy it will not work this time.

What’s funny is that most of these groups mentioned are the first to say that “Race isn’t an issue in how I vote” only because it’s a socially accepted response. But when you look at what they do it suggests something different.

Come On Now just be honest. I’ll have more respect for you if you just say, “I’m not voting for Obama because he’s Black.” How hard is it to admit? The truth will set you free.

I’ve said in a previous post and some may already know this fact, “Whenever a person of color enters any situation where he or she is the only person of color the entire race enters.”

Race has a significant part to do with your decision in this election. The Presidential race wouldn’t be this close if you look at the candidates on the basis of issue. As some of you struggle to pay the mortgage or put gas in your cars thinking about which bill you will put off this time to pay for the gasoline next week you fool yourself in thinking that John McCain and the GOP has any answers to the mess we’re in. They want you to think it’s the Democratic Congress fault. A congress that’s only been in the majority since 2007.

To Be Continued Tomorrow