The White Vote: Part 2

Continuation from yesterday regarding “The White Vote”

Disclaimer — Please understand that I clearly understand that I have White Women who read my blog and have agreed with me on multiple occasions. Two of my favorite blogs are authored by White Women so I don’t have anything personally against White Women as a whole. i bring this up to make those who may not be aware to the over-analysis of white people in the media. Just to throw this in there, “one of my best friends is a White Woman” 🙂

It’s because of race and gender we have to listen to this phony post racial rhetoric. If one person obtains an illusive goal it doesn’t mean that’s it, it means this is the beginning.

I’m sure there are many White people who agree, but do not feel comfortable enough speaking out on race out of fear of being deemed as a racist by someone Black, Hispanic, Native American or Asian. I personally know of White Women who strongly support Barack Obama. Why should their interest be given far more attention than any other group?

A White woman screams for help or tears up in public and everyone is ready to have a lynching party to get the Niggrah who’s accused. A White teenager is pregnant and specific groups are all up in arms ready to defend her honor, but the Black, Hispanic & Asian girl is considered a welfare queen or looked down upon. She’s looked down upon not only by some phony ass conservative Christians, but by some in her own community that is more concerned with what “Whites” will say or think about them. Who cares.

Now I know of White women who are challenged with the same economic and educational situations as non-Whites struggle with these same stereotypes, but those are the White people I was telling you earlier.

The New York Times held a poll that debunks the myth that Barack Obama is having trouble with some voters. Of course they only show the poll regarding White Women. Where’s the poll showing McCain’s dismal support among Blacks, Latinos and Asians? Has anyone seen that poll?

Among All Women Obama is at 54% and McCain is at 38%. Among All White Women Obama 47% to McCain 45%.

For those who are amazingly still “Undecided” what’s the hold up? The choice is clear. You can believe the hype and fear the GOP feeds you or you can lay down your biases and misconceptions and support the smart Black guy who has laid out a clear plan for what he will put forth on getting us out of this mess George W. Bush and the Republicans had a major part of getting us in.

I’ve asked questions in the past regarding race and only get a two or three brave soles with the courage to speak freely about race. I just want to know your thoughts about the balance of coverage regarding RACE only.

I personally know that this is not all White people, but they tend to get ignored. It’s OK to be proud of who you are and your race, celebrate it, have pride in it, but let’s do the same for everyone. This is not going to stop until people of all races and religions stand together to speak out on it without fear.

I’m sure I’ll visit this topic again.