Memo to Joe Byrd: Hello all is said there, duh

In response to another “misguided right-wing soul” I would like to get your feedback on this one. Perhaps we will catch another idiot in return. This is what Joe Byrd had to say regarding a post from awhile ago.


I dont care what obama plan is he dont salute flag and was muslum….hello……..all is said there….duhhhh

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Alright Joe Byrd let’s disprove your “intelligent” analysis.

Joe: “I dont care what obama plan is”

Response #1: It is obvious that you don’t care what Obama’s Plan is because you haven’t taken the time to read it. It’s pretty much common knowledge to those of us who keep up with the news, but I’ll make it easy enough that even you can understand it. So take your mouse and click the words that are underlined. It will take you to some information you can read.

§ NY Times – 07/14/08 “My Plan for Iraq

§ “Plan for ending the war in Iraq

§ U.S. Senate – 01/30/07 “Obama Offers Plan to Stop Escalation of Iraq War, Begin Phased Redeployment of Troops

§ Reuters – 07/19/08 “Iraqi PM backs Obama troop exit plan

OK that should be enough for that one.

Joe: “he dont salute flag”

Response #2: If he didn’t salute the flag please explain this video on 06/21/07 in the Senate Chambers. If you can’t see the video click here.

If you don’t believe that one, then we have video from CNN. If you can’t see this video then click here.

Joe: “and was muslum”

Side Note: Um Joe, this is how you spell Muslim.


§ “Sliming Obama

§ Newsweek – July 2008 “Obama: Christian, Not Muslim

§ Boston Globe “Obama fighting false email rumors in SC

You make it too easy. If you just stopped being scared for one minute and use common sense you would have thought twice before sending this comment to me.

So Joe my final comment to you is from your own misspelled words “hello……..all is said there….duhhhh”, but you’ll probably think I’m just some “Uppity Nigrah Sassing You”. J

You’re Move.

Thanks for reading anyway. I’m sure we’ll chat again.


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