Congressional Timeout

That’s It! You Sit Here! You Sit There! My Goodness You’re acting like some children! All of You! I don’t care about the He said she said right now. One of you messed it up, but both of you have to fix it.

I quote the House Minority Leader John Boehner (R, OH) comments yesterday (09/28/08) as reported by the Wall Street Journal regarding the Republicans reason for not supporting the bi-partisan bill.

I do believe that we could have gotten there today, had it not been for the partisan speech that the Speaker gave on the floor of the House” Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)

So Barney Frank is correct when he said that the House Republicans feelings were hurt. Now Speaker Pelosi should have held what she had to say for another time, but if you look at what she said it’s difficult to excuse the Bush Administration, the Republican ideology and some Democrats who didn’t put up a loud or strong fight against it while it was happening.

You can get upset with Speaker Pelosi all you want, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the House Republicans failed to do what the Republican leadership said that it could do, get enough votes to pass this bill. It wasn’t a Democratic bill, but a bi-partisan bill.

Now emotions are high, Economic and Political Armageddon is looming so let’s act like the grown ups you are and not a bunch of 3rd graders, no offense to 3rd graders who find this ridiculous.

Now as for as John McCain blaming Barack Obama is just another attempt to score a political point, but John McCain’s words and actions isn’t matching up to what he’s actually doing. The Maverick is on vacation. My suggestion to Democrats and Republicans is to please put the partisan childish bickering and finger pointing aside for now. We elected you to represent us and to work together. Some of Republicans & Democrats are, but that’s not enough it takes more than a few.

The blame will be fairly distributed after this is resolved. So if you do not want a political spanking, please take heed to this political timeout. November 4th is approaching soon and the rod will not be spared when we enter the voting booth.


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