No GOP Leader?

Sept. 29, 2008 Rachel Maddow takes a look at the Republican party and who the real leader of the GOP is, if there really is one. I love this one.

Check this one out —

2 thoughts on “No GOP Leader?

  1. This should give responsible media outlets a greater opportunity to point out the history of how it is our economy got to where we are…beginning with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (President Jimmy Carter); the push by the Clinton Administration to force sub-prime mortgage lenders to expand their offerings into under-qualified, high-risk groups; the money trail of industry lobbyists (esp. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae) and their political allies (esp. Frank, Dodd, Obama, and other republicans as well); and, the efforts by the aforementioned, as well as Maxine Waters and Pelosi, to protect such industry practices via outspoken congressional opposition to reform measures.

    Abusive mindsets in government caused these problems, not capitalism, and these same folks should not be given the opportunity to wash their hands clean of history when they have meddled dangerously close to criminality.

  2. Speaker Pelosi pretty much said what Barack Obama said in the debate to John McCain’s face. Although McCain wasn’t looking at him.

    I appreciate your comments, but it’s amazing how you say nothing about the Republicans who got their feelings hurt. It’s amazing how nothing was said about the Republican leaders who said they was going to support it. It’s interesting that you say nothing about how John McCain injected Presidential Politics in the discussion when everyone said that it wasn’t necessary.

    If you are calling for Pelosi to resign, where’s your call for Bush, Cheney, McCain and other Republican leaders to resign?

    It’s amazing that whenever Republicans are scared or up against the wall they always submit comments like the one above. Very selective in what you comment about, but have nothing to say about when McCain’s words are disputed by not me, but others. This is why I love it when Republicans respond because it’s like a meter to know how well things are looking for the Blue Team.

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