The Blame Game 1.1 “Phoning It In”

This is amazing. At least tell your staffers to not say things that disputes your own lies.

I almost can’t keep up with all the “untruths” coming from the campaign. Please slow down. Since John McCain was accusing Barack Obama of not being involved or essentially being more effective than he is. When asked why John was not in the meeting with the rest of his GOP friends his campaign adviser Mark Salter told the New York Times on 09/27/08 “he can effectively do what he needs to do by phone”

You suspends your campaign to “go to Washington to solve the financial crisis” and then sends his surrogates out to say the passing of the bill was all his doing. The problem is the bill was being praised before the vote, and didn’t it pass. With the campaign suspension seeming like a big risk, what can McCain do now?