A Little Too Trigger-Happy

Comment Courtesy of Women Against Palin


“She’s bought her own PR and really does think she’s ready for a role in government of that level. And that takes an extreme amount of arrogance. So for this ticket, we have an angry, irritable, cancer-prone presidential nominee and an arrogant, egotistical, barely educated woman who won’t blink when faced with a crisis.

Perhaps it’s the intellectual in me, but I’d rather have someone willing to use reason and negotiation as their first defense and not their last. McCain and Palin are both a little too trigger-happy for me. And no matter what their campaign is trying to convince us all of, we would only be in for another 4 years of the same failed policies of the current administration. I’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime.”
-Charlotte T., Independent, Anchorage, Alaska