Low Expectations

For the first time of all of the debates I’ve watched over the years, this one left me with a headache. Seriously, listening to her gave me a headache.

What I found simply amazing about the lead up to the debate was how almost everyone was lowering expectations for Sarah Palin performance. I guess that the argument against affirmative action is off the table from Republicans.

It’s amazing how people respond to Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. No one seems to want to state the obvious, but after listening to this interview with two groups of women voters I found that I understood and could agreed mostly with their answers, but it seem that the bottom line is that Sarah Palin appeals to a certain segment of White Women Voters. Joe Biden seems to appeal to a wider segment of voters from various backgrounds.

CBS Poll of Uncommited Voters Results:

Who did better/worse?

§ Biden = 53% Better & 5% Worse

§ Palin = 55% Better & 14% Worse

I guess so, since the bar of expectation was at her ankles.

Knowledge of Important Issues?

A. Pre-Debate Results

§ Biden = 79%

§ Palin = 43%

B. Post-Debate Results

§ Biden = 98%

§ Palin = 66%

Prepared for VP Job?

A. Pre-Debate Results

§ Biden = 81%

§ Palin = 39%

B. Post-Debate Results

§ Biden = 97%

§ Palin = 55%

If you like Sarah Palin coming into this then you are happy with your VP candidate. If you like Joe Biden coming into this debate you feel even better about your VP candidate now. Or how Sarah would say Darn Right you’re happy with Joe “Six-Pack” Biden.

Last Point — What’s up with the constant winking and avoiding the questions to talk about the only thing she knows? It would have taken Joe Biden to call me out by name and call me an Uppity _____ and show fabricated pictures of me to the world for me to switch my vote. None of which I could imagine would ever happen.

Too bad she didn’t want to answer all of the questions.

Click Here to watch the entire Vice-Presidential Debate.

Alright let the hate response begin. Just stand behind your comments with a REAL EMAIL address that works.


One thought on “Low Expectations

  1. I think Joe is too classy for a beer. I would forego my usual and offer him champagne after we get the good news. Obama/Biden are entering The White House. The removal U-haul is ready and waiting for that fella just leaving.

    Also, I wouldn’t drink beer with Sarah. She might mistake me for a moose.

    Darn right. *wink, wink*

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