The Breakthrough

The pseudo-controversy cooked up by the McCain Campaign, FOX News and their Republican friends in efforts to lower expectations for Sarah Palin and to raise doubts or give uninformed talking points to their base should take a moment to inform themselves about the upcoming book by Gwen Ifill.

The Breakthrough is not just about Barack Obama, but about Black politicians on both sides of the aisle. Barack Obama is by far one of the most successful Black politicians and better known by Whites, Latinos, Asians and even Blacks who do not pay attention to politics. Just like the name Martin Luther King is better known than Kwame True or even Ralph Abernathy. Two men I respect and admire for their great works.

Gwen Ifill’s upcoming book was announced in late July, then again in August. You can simply go to Google or Rushmore Drive and type in Gwen Ifill, but that’s not what they want you to do. They need you to think that the White Woman is not getting a fair break and this Black Woman is going to side with the Black Man running for President.

Deny it if you like, but Gwen Ifill herself gives you an overview of what the book is about and who is in the book. If you have the courage to listen to it.

If you are not able to view this video, please click here.

The argument from the right against Affirmative Action should be off the table of discussion for awhile. I’ve always understood the argument on both sides of the issue, but what we are seeing now are the people against it contradicting their arguments. The job should go to the person who is best qualified for the job and diversity should be considered. In the job of Vice-Presidents, Joseph Biden is obviously more qualified than Sarah Palin.

So do you now agree to hire Sarah Palin, because she’s a woman? Do qualifications not matter in this case? If so, why? Doesn’t her experience matter? If your arguments against Barack Obama are about his experience, why isn’t about experience for Sarah Palin?

The breakthrough moment in this election will be if YOU will live up to your own words. Will you judge by the content of their character or the color of their skin? Will you judge by the level of their experience or how well they can avoid questions or can excite the base? Will you judge by intellect or how many one liners they can inject?

If it’s not about race, if it’s not about gender, if it’s not about experience, if it’s not about judgment, then what reason do you have to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin?

Don’t try to use Gwen Ifill’s book as a scapegoat. The breakthrough will be if those supporting McCain/Palin will give a straight answer instead of making excuses and reciting talking points.