McCain Waving The White Flag of Surrender in Michigan

When asked about the campaign pullout in Michigan, Sarah Palin said, “I fired off a quick e-mail and said, ‘Oh come on, do we have to?’ ”

Not to sound like a 10 year old child or even Leave It To Beaver, but it is a good question. Oh come on John, do we havta? Gosh Darn It. (While kicking a bottle cap in the dirt)

In the interview, Palin went on to say “Todd and I would be so happy to speak to the people there in Michigan who are hurting.”

I guess the decision not to send Palin was an attempt of compassion by McCain. Since they are already hurting why force them to listen to Sarah Palin.

The McCain campaign did not respond to questions from the Detroit Free Press about whether Palin’s desire to stump in Michigan could change the campaign’s decision.

I wonder why. Oh yeah, McCain doesn’t do “The Email” as he calls it.

Sen. McCain I have a question for you.

Why not let Sarah Palin campaign in Michigan since you think she did so well Thursday, EH? (I’m sorry; that last part is just a reference to something John McCain did when he was talking about her performance on the campaign trail.)

One more question Sen. McCain.

Why did Sarah Palin, the second person on the ticket had to learn about the campaign pulling out of Michigan in the newspaper a day after the announcement? I know she has said that she reads “all of them” newspapers, but she’s your running mate?

You say thinks that would make people believe that you trust her, but your actions don’t add up to trust.

Now this strategy didn’t pan out for Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Campaign, so why are you adopting it in the battleground state of Michigan? Doesn’t the people of Michigan deserve to hear from you as well as Obama?

In the words of Sarah Palin, “You’re waving the white flag of surrender” in Michigan.
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What’s up Southfield.