Karl Roves Says Barack Obama will become President

OK, please say it isn’t so. I can’t be on the record being in agreement with Karl Rove. Has this Demon of Democracy finally come to his senses.

Karl Rove says on his website if the election was held today Barack Obama would get at least 273 Electoral Votes and become the 44th President of the United States.

Karl Rove:
39 new state polls released in the first three days of October have given Barack Obama his first lead over the magic number of 270 since mid-July. Minnesota (10 EV) and New Hampshire (4 EV) both moved from toss-up to Obama, giving him 273 electoral votes to McCain’s 163, with 102 votes remaining as a toss-up. If the election were held today, Obama would win every state John Kerry won in 2004, while adding New Mexico (5 EV), Iowa (7 EV), and Colorado (9 EV) to his coalition. Remember, though, that these state polls are a lagging indicator and most do not include any surveying done after the vice-presidential debate on Thursday night.

According to Nielsen Media Research, debate was the most heavily-watched since 1992, with nearly 70 million Americans tuning in. That’s 18 million more viewers than the first presidential debate, although the fact that the Obama-McCain contest was held on a Friday undoubtedly cost it some viewers. Polls by the middle of next week should tell us more about what impact, if any, the VP debate had on the race.

I never thought the day would come that I would actually agree with Karl Rove on politics.

Click Here to see his Electoral Map for yourself.

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  1. The polls show it now, but the truth will only out itself after the votes are counted. Thats when we will find out if America voted for change or more of the same.

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